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Feelin’ the urge to Murge

Murge is like Tag, but a million times cooler. It’s the endless conga line of content, where you upload whatever you’re into, be it a dance, a song, a debate topic or, just, a pic—and the world follows.

  • UI/UX
  • App Design

The Challenge

To design a social media app that integrates this story linking and amplifying concept in a natural way, and NOT be called Instagram wannabes.


We got a strong start with Murge’s existing branding—that we were really into, btw. So we implemented those into the app, as we built the UX and UI.

App Design

Clean, simple, and bingeable

We created a simple and engaging platform to share content and/or collaborate with others’. Murge’s mission was to be the go-to hub for storytelling, comedian-discovering, anything-you’re-into-loving videos and conversations. This wasn’t just about having a conversation—it was about taking it further. The UX follows exactly that, allowing users to not just upload, share, edit, and/ or view a world of content, but also jump in with video or written comments, make friends around the world, stitch favorite videos together to save them to their phone or Instagram, and use “Shoutouts” to invite more friends to join in on the fun.


Murge was built to make people create, express themselves, be heard and seen. It acted as an extension of any and all characters and personalities. So, we brought the M to fun-loving life through a series of playful animations.