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Made for omnomnomnivores

Miam Miam is a Bucharest takeaway spot. You’d like to see a menu? Why of course: seasonal sandwiches, salads, soups, and sweets. They’re fresh. They’re tasty. They’re the nom you need.

  • Branding
  • Creative Direction

The Challenge

To cut, slice, toss, and stir up a refreshing identity to mirror the brand’s commitment to clean, modern, and fresh goodies for health-conscious foodies.


A case of way less is way more

Are we Scandinavian? Nope. But we did go all the minimal way with it, oversimplifying ingredients to simple lines that spoke to the simple stuff that makes a great sandwich great. Then we went for strong, bold colors that would make it all stand out loud and proud.

Logo and Type

Then there’s the logo and type.

We loved saying MiamMiam so much out loud (who doesn’t?) that we designed around its soundwaves to build a modern, disruptive, and versatile vibe. Yup, we recorded ourselves saying “miam miam”—hey, we’re nerds and proud of it.

Every little piece of packaging that was mindfully made, from wraps, to stickers, to business cards.