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Have some fun, have a hotdog

HotCats is a hotdog chain - they’re healthy, they’re tasty, and they’re bringing some seriously good energy.

  • Branding
  • Art Direction

The Challenge

Create a memorable identity for a new, happening, and healthy hotdog chain that does its own cool thing and has its own cool mark that makes it trusted as an organic ingredients-only place.


Not your typical hotdog truck

Hence, the name we came up with. Add some research, put it in some fun buns, and there you have a distinctive mascot that set the tone for the entire branding. The logo’s ingredients? A cute lil’ cat outline, a couple buns, and some ketchup (or mustard, whatever you want it to be) that doubles as whiskers.


Light, colorful, playful - we went for colors as satisfying as their fantastic menu.


Bubbly, clean, and bold, Neuzeit Office made all the sense.


Meat, spice, and everything nice

Can you tell we had fun designing the truck, napkins, cups, loyalty cards, business cards, and posters? The cat stamps might just give it all away.

Website Design

Digital, in good taste

Our mission: Introduce the brand in its full glory. Leave visitors drooling for a taste. Reinforce drooling with a social feed filled with social evidence of a happily drooling community.