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Rubicon Global

Turning waste into treasure

Rubicon Global has become the worldwide leader in providing cloud-based waste and recycling solutions for customers in business, government, and nonprofits. With over 1,500,000 service locations worldwide, the company develops cutting-edge technology products that bring transparency to the waste and recycling industry. Not all heroes wear capes.

  • Product Design
  • UI/UX
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Technology Development
  • IOT, Logistics
  • Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge

To create consistency across UI and UX with a clean, crisp, intuitive interface and visual language for both vendors and customers, on desktop and mobile.


Ending waste, together

We started building with the user in mind: from both a vendor and customer perspective. How can we make a process so complex into something really easy to follow and use? By combining the powers of UX, UI, front-end and AI/ machine learning into the holy recyclable grail of portals and dashboards.

Companies of all sizes—from restaurants, to retailers, to real estate move-makers—can now have a smarter, more sustainable alternative to recycling. Thanks to consistent UI components, usability patterns, and streamlined flow, the portal and app come to the waste management rescue with a clean and clear overview of sustainability goals, pickups, service history, and spend.

Vendors are gonna have a great day, too. The app sits nicely on Rubicon truck dashboards, giving drivers all the real-time route details to reduce idle time and fuel burn, service, and safety alerts.


Icon game strong

For a consistent experience between their products, we created a series of +100 icons designed on a custom grid.

Designing trucks was a lifelong dream come vectorized.

We designed each truck and vehicle—over 20 types—in four isometric angles, to make sure the customer will easily identify the truck type and recognize its position on the map.

No time wasted

We thought even further ahead, getting excited about all the ways the trucks and bins could be more, do more, and pick up more information than just trash. What if they would feed live info about weather, air quality, road conditions, or unexpected events? That way, they could act as the eyes and ears of the streets, for everyone to learn from.