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A new approach to recruitment in the healthcare space

Relode is a healthier approach to healthcare employment. Their dream was to make the recruitment process work better for everyone. It’s one platform that works equally well for employers, employees, and ultimately the patients they care for. This is a community-based online platform for healthcare professionals to easily match jobs and candidates. It allows healthcare professionals to refer friends or directly apply for great jobs and be rewarded.

  • UI/UX
  • Product Design
  • Iconography

The Challenge

To create a unified design experience for Relode’s growing digital products and increase efficiency through accesible, consistent and reusable components.

Design Audit

We analyzed every page and identified UI and UX findings, errors, and elements we think can be improved, asking ourselves questions like: is the navigation consistent and accessible? Are the icons meaningful and easy to use? Is the typography consistent throughout the apps? Where do the users get stuck or lose valuable time?

Design system

Using the existing visual guidelines in mind, we started building a set of components, patterns and rules.


We created templates, updated rules for line-heights, formatting, and sizes as well as font style usage and line length.


We created an icon grid, established icon styles, and sizes that work for different kinds of applications and products.

Color system

The consistent use of color in Relode’s product gives users quick insights about jobs or candidates, help identify actions and statuses, while insuring an engaging experience.


We built a set of rules, along with best practices and exceptions, for designing and using components like: checkboxes, date pickers, flag messages, selectors, chips, tabs, status labels, tooltips, modals, progress trackers. Phew, that was a long list.

Page layouts

Provide information about how a basic page structure looks like, what are the best ways to arrange the content on a page, howto use columns and how are the components positioned in relation to one another.