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My Attache

Book-keeping, without the headache

MiniSoft introduces a technology suite called ARCS (Association of Registrars and Collection Specialists), which helps companies aggregate Finance collections targeted to law firms, through features that cover complete business intelligence both for the collector and the management team. Was that a mouthful? Yes, yes it was. But let the app we built do the explanatory heavy-lifting.

  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • App Design

The Challenge

We knew we needed to build an iOS and Android ecosystem that actives business intelligence through app notifications / alerts, offers clear, swipe-throughable visualization of clients, matters, invoices, tracks performance, pricing models, and leverages existing ARCS notification logic and supporting code. *takes deep breath*


The easiest part: the logo, an “a” in paperclip form, designed to match the new app design.


The toughest part: A bunch of back and forth feedback that led to different versions and clearer and clearer understandings of the app’s functionalities, we figured out which hierarchy was the best and most consistent.

The App

Ta da! Color coding for different buckets, browsing made easier, overwhelming—but all very important—information nicely put together into a logical and satisfying hierarchy.