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The mother of pizza

For an Italian mamma, food is more than just a basic human need: it’s religion, culture, identity, love, and most importantly—mandatory—even when you’re not hungry. Mamizza is home of delicious, wood-fire, traditional neo-Napoli pizza, served with a side of coziness, and wrapped in a charming wink.

  • Illustration
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Campaign Creative

The Challenge

To create an identity that would honor the culture, craft, and dedication of the Mamizza promise of authentic, mouthwatering, Italian pizza.


Bringing it home

What would mamma do? She’d keep it simple, personal, light and spend most of her time in the kitchen, worrying about sauce perfection.

Sauce is important. Just like the direction to go with an authentic, hand-crafted look and feel.

Brand Strategy

Mamma knows best

Mamizza, pizza lovers. Pizza lovers, mamizza. We imagined Mamizza as a real person: the strong, demanding Italian grandma that knows what’s best for you, who to date, and when to leave the dinner table: which is strictly only when you’ve finished everything off your plate. Good luck if you don’t follow orders.

Her thoughts, advice, and—basically—commands took over menus, napkins, and packaging in a handcrafted, authentic, and fresh look and feel.

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